Sunday, August 8, 2010


Found this article clipping:
Local Police are perturbed after late night reports flooded in regarding a blonde woman removing a manhole on a busy street, and disappearing into the Toronto sewer system. These reports follow the disappearance of Sara Simms, a Toronto based producer, DJ and turntablist.

Simms studied jazz guitar before becoming a successful club and battle DJ. Simms
has also apprenticed at Lacquer Channel, a legendary Canadian mastering studio, and
has appeared on Q-Bert’s Turntable TV as a guest lecturer.

Simms’ family reported her missing a few weeks ago. She was last seen wearing faux leather shorts and jacket, along with her trademark SS belt buckle.

Simms younger sister Melle reported "Sara has been acting strangely ever since she got back from gigging in Berlin, spending more time than ever working in isolation in her studio.” When questioned about why her sister would be venturing into the sewer system, Melle refused to comment.

It is a known fact that sewer systems can be potentially dangerous and even deadly
places, owing to extremely high risks of poisoning by buildups of toxic gas. They
can be subject to flash flooding and bad air. “It’s not safe down there,” reported a public
city worker.

If Simms is in the sewer system, it is imperative that she be located for her own safety. If you have seen the blonde girl believed to be Sara Simms, please contact the local
authorities immediately.

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