Saturday, December 26, 2009


What's up kids!?! Hope you're enjoying the holidays... Here's a lovely note and dope video link from my friend DJ Ychuck:

Photography and styling by Melle Oh

Are you tired of watching those same old guys perform DJ battle routines that all sound the same? Wouldn’t it be dope if there was a lady DJ who could kill it on the cut?

Toronto’s Premiere Female Turntablist DJ Ychuck teamed up with Muddy York Films to create an innovative turntablism routine for the ‘Scratch’ The Ultimate DJ Contest! (‘Scratch’ The Ultimate DJ is a new DJ video game coming out soon!)

Known for her antics on the ones and twos, Ychuck’s unique DJ style combines together fresh battle scratches with digital technology. Just in time for New Year’s, here’s Ychuck’s hot holiday gift for you!

Keep up to date with the Chuck by joining her Ychuck Facebook Group:

What what? Now there’s also a Channel of Ychuck on youtube!

While you’re at it, peep out the Ychuck, Muddy York and Alyssa Caron websites:

You can help to keep real Djing alive! Please forward this email to a friend, and embed the link into your facebook, twitter and/or myspace page if you like the video. Support your fav DJs, so they can keep bringing you da beats!!!!

Happy New Year!



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